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Tree Care Tips

Getting rid of those tree limbs

They did an excellent job. They were on time, cleaned up the work area and left no trace that they were there. They followed up to ensure I was satisfied, excellent company and crew.

~ Fairfax Station, VA

Keeping your trees sufficiently mulched in the summer as well as winter, is a good idea. Mulch keeps your tree roots from drying out quickly if there is a lack of rain. It also keeps feeder roots from freezing in the winter months. If possible, in times of drought, try to keep your trees watered. Keep the upper 8 to 12 inches of soil damp.

Try to keep hazardous limbs and deadwood out of your trees. If you have limbs that have broken off with jagged remains, have them trimmed off so that the cuts can callus over properly.

People with sprinkler systems should be aware that they may be overwatering their trees and promoting root rot if the drainage is inadequate.

When pruning a branch, paints and sealers should not be used. This slows down the healing process.

Make sure that whatever tree company you use, is licensed, insured, and carries workers' compensation insurance.

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