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Residential and Commercial Services

Brian Cooper taking down limbs in a large tree

Very prompt, courteous and easy to work with. Overall, did a great job. Very pleased with the work they did. I have already recommended them to others who have used them and are very pleased with their work as well.

~ Gail C.,
Alexandria, VA

Removal and Technical Rigging

Removal of trees is our specialty, even though we like to try and preserve trees at all costs. We realize that sometimes trees have to be removed. We will gladly give you our professional opinion.

Many tree companies are not experienced in technical rigging. They usually just cut limbs and let them fall where ever, which can be dangerous and costly to your property and the tree company involved.

At Treescape Services, we ensure the safety of everyone and everything around our work area. We use specialized equipment and techniques to do our limb lowering.


We trim hazardous limbs such as deadwood or hanging limbs that could possibly fall down and harm something or someone, cross limbs that are rubbing against each other causing abrasions, thus weakening them or making them a prime home for insects. We also prune for aesthetics.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction involves carefully pruning branches to reduce the height or size of the tree crown while keeping its natural shape.


Thinning a tree's crown reduces the inner growth of the tree and allows more sunlight through to your lawn. It also reduces wind resistance and storm damage.

Wood chipper

Quick, efficient, and a great price! They cleaned everything up perfectly, hauled away all debris, and did the whole job in half the time I thought it would take.

~ Nick F.
Rockville, MD

Storm Damage

Ripped off limbs and hazardous limbs should be removed to prevent insect damage and fungus growth.

Cabling and Bracing

A lot of trees have "V" crotches in them. They are often not structurally sound. They could have been weakened by severe wind or could have grown together with what is called included bark. Insects can also play a key role in the weakening of certain crotches. These type of crotches generally fail.

Cabling and bracing are a few ways to avoid crotch failure. If you do not address these issues, you could lose large portions of your tree.


Stump Removal

Some stumps can be an eyesore depending on their location. They can also attract wood boring insects such as termites. We recommend that if you have a stump near your house, that you have us remove it.

Landscaping Services

  • Grading
  • Tree and plant installation
  • Mulching
  • Sod and topsoil installation
  • Drainage systems
  • Ponds and waterfalls
  • Fertilization

Tree parts



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